Horseback riding


If you enjoy horseback riding and nature, then it would be a pity not to explore a bit of the Carpathian Mountains with its mesmerizing valleys and plateaus while riding on a horse’s back.

This activity is recommended even if you have never ridden a horse before because it is done in a controlled environment, even though you will be riding through the wilderness, as an experienced instructor will assist you every step of the way.

Wild Bears Zarnesti

In 1998, a Romanian woman, Cristina Lapis, came across 3 bears locked in a small cage outside a restaurant in central Romania where they were used to attract customers. 

Outraged by the situation, her dream was to rescue these distressed animals and change public attitudes to stop this cruel and illegal exploitation of one of Romania’s magnificent native animals.

With hard work and dedication to her noble cause, her dream of creating a refugee for all ill-treated bears came to be and has now over 70 bears enjoying a new life in the her Liberty Bear Sanctuary.

Dino Park Rasnov

Located just near the Rasnov Citadel, you will pass it on the way towards the citadel and would be a loss if on the way back you wouldn't stop.

With a big dinosaur standing at its entrance, Dino Park is part of a cultural circuit in the area, which also includes Rasnov Citadel and Valea Cetatii Cave. A great place to spend a few hours with the small ones and discover real sized Dinosaurs.

Don’t worry about finding the dinosaurs in the woods – they will find you! The route takes you to each of them. Dinosaur replicas of different sizes and types are carefully placed in the forest, accompanied by short presentations in Romanian, English and German

Aventura Park Brasov

Situated near the city of Brasov , this park is recommended if you want to mix spending time in nature with a fun workout. 

It has 15 routes with progressive levels of difficulty. Each participant will be thrilled to progress on different routes of different level, through the trees and over lakes, with help of ropes, zip line and adrenaline.

Safety gear is provided, therefore it is an activity recommended for everyone, regardless of age.

Mocanita Scenic Steam Train

A great way to step back in time and enjoy the authentic scenery of Maramures, the Mocanita steam train takes its passengers out of the present and into the past by giving them a ride through a beautiful scenery and by providing them with the unique experience of how trains used to work in the early 1900s.

The tour also includes a barbecue in the middle of nature where you can take a break, relax and breathe the clean mountain air.

Overall this is a great experience for those who are in love with nature, tranquility and want to discover the past of railroading.

Bison Reserve

The European bison is an animal that was heavily hunted all around the world, almost bringing this species to extinction. Documents show that the last specimen of wild bison in Poland was killed in 1919 and the last wild bison in all the world was killed in 1927, all that remained were the 50 bisons bred in captivity.

Once these tragic figures reached out, extreme measures were taken to make sure that this animal does not go extinct, therefore in the early 2000s is was noted that around 3.600 specimens existed all over the world.

In Romania we have 4 such reserves, the 2 most important being Dragos-Voda in Neamt county and “Zimbraria Neagra”.

Quad Biking


If you are looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush and a different way to explore the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains, then a ride with a motorcycle or a quad is just the thing for you.

These mountains offer a variety of trails varying from easy drives just to admire the scenery that do not need any previous off-roading experience, tough it will always make it easier, to very difficult trails that are not recommended to be done alone or by inexperienced riders and that should always be made with a leader who knows  the trail and is a licensed professional.


Paragliding sounds like an extreme sport, right? Well it can be considered to be one, but it is also one of the most relaxing ways to see the Carpathian Mountains from above.

While a gentle breeze takes you up and you feel nothing under your feet, a spike of adrenaline kicks into your body, just enough to make you admire more the landscape and the whole overall experience.

The professional teams of licensed instructors that you will do this in tandem with have thousands of in-air hours and countless take offs and landings under their belts, so there is nothing to worry about, just an open mind and a good wind.

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