The cities in Romania have a great mix of architecture and culture due to their medieval and communist history. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the untouched past of these great places and meet locals who always welcome tourists. Whether you’re looking for fun, rich culture, vibrant nightlife, leisure or a romantic weekend we will be delighted to organize a trip of your preference.


Let’s take a look at Romania’s major and most beautiful cities and find out together which one of them suits you best:



The capital and largest city of Romania, as well as a cultural, industrial and financial center, Bucharest is a vibrant city filled with remarkable parks, an abundant mix of architecture, wonderful history and also a great nightlife.


Besides the fast-growing process of modernization, the city still keeps the elegance of the past decades, which gives it a truly unique atmosphere.



Having become one of the country’s busiest tourist locations, with its charming little streets and beautiful medieval architecture, located at the bottom of Tampa mountains, Brasov will make you fall in love with it straight away.


This is a great city for mountain enthusiasts, adventure lovers and people who want to get away from crowded urban areas to enjoy remarkable nature and beautiful landscapes.



Once you arrive in Sighisoara, you will feel that you have stepped back in time.  This small medieval city of colourful buildings, steep stairways and cobbled streets is one of those places that no matter where you look you will be able to find something beautiful.  


This fairy-tale place that still keeps its medieval secrets will delight you with its charm and comfort.

Cluj – Napoca


The second largest city in Romania, Cluj is an ancient metropolis with a young soul located in the heart of Transylvania. A city filled with rich history, fortified churches, medieval castles, museums and a great artistic sense also known as the poetic city of Romania.


The city’s historic character makes it an ideal city break destination for romantics, culture devotees, gourmets and for travelers aiming to discover Romania as it is – charming and distinctive



One of Romania’s cultural and touristic landmarks, Sibiu attracts tourists due to it’s wonderful medieval charm, excellent views of the surrounding landscapes , great food and stunning parkland.


Sibiu is filled with buildings that were constructed by German settlers and merchants during the Middle Ages, as well as corner cafes, interesting secluded lanes, and beautiful churches.  A warm and picturesque city that will make you feel peaceful.



In the gorgeous city of Iasi every stone, museum, monastery, park or memorial house talks about the past. Deeply rooted in history, Iasi has been the main center of Moldavian culture since 1408.


Its surrounding regions are famous for the monasteries and orthodox churches that were built by Romanian kings during 14th and 15th century.


This city will delight you with its cheerfulness and intellectual feel that has been assimilated over the past 500 years.

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